What I do

  • Web design and construction
  • Blog Design and implementation
  • Site maintenance
  • Dynamic sites, where you can easily adjust the content
  • 3D models and animations
  • Technical illustration
  • Narrative illustration
  • Presentation media

How I do it

I work with a variety of software and languages. I also collaborate with other development folks to provide a site that does just what you need, and does it well.

  • Adobe Creative Suite, Blender, MS Office Applications
  • Expression Engine, MojoMotor, WordPress and other Content Management Systems
  • xhtml, html5, css and css3, php, and javascript
  • Collaboration with coders skilled in working with databases and back-end programming
  • Blender 3D modeling and Animation software
  • And of course, pencil and paper

How it works

The development process begins with a conversation. You'll let me know about your needs, hopes, and expectations for the project. I'll learn about what you do and who you are hoping to reach with your ideas. Next, we enter an iterative design process. We'll go over your ideas and mine, and I'll develop a series of proposals for different directions the project can take that can be achieved within your budget and schedule. Once we establish the best direction for your site or project, I begin the build. If it's a website, you'll be given a secure web address so that you can check the progress any time while it's underway before it goes live. You and I will communicate about the progress by phone or email as the project moves along, making certain that everything meets your specifications. Once the site goes live, I can help keep it up and running.